Bokitta Membership Program

How do I become a Bokitta Member?

All you need to do is to create an account with us at You will need an email address for the account creation.

What are the membership tiers and discounts that I can enjoy?

There are 3 tiers within this program - Regular, Gold and Elite.

Regular Member: Free & Lifetime. Sign up at

Gold Member: Spent $1000 within one year from your membership entry date (Enjoy 5% off regular priced items for purchases above $120 in a single receipt)

Elite MemberSpent $3000 within one year from your membership entry date (Enjoy 10% off regular priced items for purchases above $100 in a single receipt).

How do I move up a tier?

Once you have met the minimum spending required to enter into the next tier, you will be upgraded into the higher tier the following month.

Does that mean that once I move up the tier, I will stay in that tier for life?

No. You will need to maintain the minimum spending required to enter into the tier every year.


Year 1 of Membership, I spent $3000, I will be moved to the Gold tier. (Total spending since day 1: $3000)

Year 2 of membership, I accumulated only 1200 points. I will be moved back to Elite tier. (Total spending since day 1:  $4200)

Year 3 of membership, I accumulated 3400 points, I will be moved back to the Gold tier. (Total spending since day 1: $7600)

The membership is lifetime, as you are only required to register with us once.

How do I enjoy the discount if I am in a higher tier?

When we notify you that you have been moved to a higher tier, we will provide you with a unique discount code which you will need to apply at your cart. Do note that this promo code can only be successfully used when you are logged in to your own account and not on other people's account.

Will I be notified once I have reached a higher tier?

Yes. We will inform you via WhatsApp or e-mail.

Will the movement of tier be done immediately as soon as I meet the minimum spendings required for the next tier?

No. You will be moved up to the next tier within the following month.

What do I do if I do not see the discount applied on my cart?

Ensure that the purchase made is for Regular-Priced items only. Remove any discounted items from the cart. 

Can I use my rewards discount with other promotions?

No. You can only use one discount code at a time.

*Note: This membership and rewards system is only valid when you make purchases from or from our boutique located at 390 Victoria Street #01-09 Golden Landmark Shopping Centre Singapore 188061.

 *We reserve the rights to make amendments to the terms of the membership without your prior notice.